14 Apr 2023

Pillar 1 Advancement of Clinical Informatics through Community

Pillar 1 of our 2023 – 2026 strategy focuses on the advancement of clinical informatics through community. We are providing a supportive home where aspiring and professional clinical informatics practitioners of all levels can come together to develop their knowledge and expertise.

Collectively our aim is to drive thought leadership and policy making across the four nations to ensure that clinical informatics is at the heart of high quality health, care and wellbeing for people.

The work of a clinical informatician is currently poorly accounted for in work plans across the NHS and social care. Alongside this important input of clinical and digital expertise, clinical informaticians are also required to take on clinical safety officer roles.

To clarify the key roles that clinical informaticians have in the safe design, building and implementation of digital health and care, the FCI has produced a key resource in the form of its Core Competency Framework (CCF). This academic piece has been published openly to benefit the wider understanding and incorporation of clinical informatics into the teams necessary for digital health and care. The CCF across its six domains identifies how clinical informaticians can work to best practice and identify where upskilling is required.

For example, a skilled clinical informatician is able to assist with EPR implementation from a clinical requirement perspective at design stage not just once operational. This provides substantial benefits in ensuring the clinical requirements and good end-usability are built in from the start and considered at each stage of the project. This will help with the removal of impromptu/retrospective fixes that still in many cases mean compromise to operations.

Pillar 1 of our 2023-2026 strategy recognises the need for clinical informatics in digital health. It is our objective to ensure we deliver the advancement of clinical informatics, enabling these critical tasks to be completed by skills clinical informaticians in full time roles and with a clear team structure to work to.

Key to meeting the objectives of Pillar 1 is to ensure clinical informaticians can more easily collaborate to ultimately assist in the advancement of clinical informatics and support one another in this specialist and critical specialty in digital health and care. We are working hard to ensure our special interest groups across AI, clinical safety, digital medicines and more are educating and upskilling members and encouraging networking to harness each other’s knowledge and enthusiasm. We are enabling networking for all members through in person events and webinars and we are also sharing and recognising the hard work our members are completing.

To find out more about the FCI and how we are building a community of skilled clinical informatics and to participate in our special interest group meeting, webinars or networking activities please e-mail our Membership Manager [email protected]