HDR UK Better care programme

Improving the sharing of informal and actionable knowledge for better care

In September - December 2020, The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) led a  Knowledge Sharing workstream  within the Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) Better Care Programme.

The Better Care programme is about building and scaling data-driven learning healthcare systems (LHSs) across the UK and the Knowledge Sharing workstream aimed to facilitate a sustainable process for communication and knowledge sharing across the Better Care community.   

The workstream was part of the Better Care Catalyst Programme and was co-funded by HDR UK in partnership with the Health Foundation. The Better Care Catalyst Programme supports the development of health analytics and data science improvements that can be implemented across the health and care system to benefit patients, the workforce and the public.   

Download the report of the knowledge sharing survey and interview study below.

Read about the first ever computable knowledge “collaborathon” hosted as part of the Knowledge Sharing workstream and why Computable knowledge is needed to build a LHS in this 2-part blog series:

Computable knowledge Part 1 of 2: What is it and why do we need it to build a Learning Health System?

Computable knowledge Part 2 of 2: Learning from the HDR UK collaborathon – make it FAIR!

Click here to download the summary and report:   


Project Directors

  • Philip Scott, University of Portsmouth 
  • Jeremy Wyatt, University of Southampton

Team members 

  • James Mitchell, Keele University 
  • Jan Hoogewerf, Faculty of Clinical Informatics


  • Sue Lacey-Bryant, National Lead for NHS Library & Knowledge Services, Health Education England; 
  • Tom Foley, University of Newcastle and NHSX; 
  • John Williams, Faculty of Clinical Informatics; 
  • Andy Mitchell, Associate Director Information Architecture, Search and Business Analysis, NICE