Survey of Membership

Results and Progress

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics has been provided funding from the Digital Readiness (DR) programme, previously Building a Digital Ready Workforce (BDRW), within Health Education England to support its establishment as the professional membership organisation for clinical informaticians. As part of this funding agreement, the Faculty must conduct an annual survey of its members and report back to DR. Also, the last membership survey was conducted in 2017 (in the very early days of the Faculty), so this second survey provides an updated perspective of the membership.

This survey was designed in conjunction with Faculty Executive and released online to members on 14 January 2020, with members having until 11 February 2020 to complete the survey. Responses were collected through the Survey Gizmo website and analysed to identify the breakdown of Faculty membership and identify common themes from each work discipline (medical, nursing, allied health and pharmacy). 

These themes will be used to inform development of the Faculty business plan and provide direction for future activities including conferences, interest groups, education and training requirements, as well as areas and activities that may not be providing a perceived benefit for members. 

The following present analyses of the survey responses, including the key themes emerging from the open-ended questions.

Please download the survey analysis, as well as the Faculty's progress on the key priorities, below: