Professional Mentoring Scheme

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics professional mentoring scheme provides a framework for Faculty members looking for mentorship and advice to be matched and put in contact with another Faculty member with the relevant experience and expertise.

How to join FCI's Mentoring Scheme 

The Faculty has a list of mentors who have been volunteered and been appointed by the Faculty’s Education and Standards Standing Committee. Becoming a mentor or mentee is open to all Faculty members from any health and social care discipline and any level of membership.

To sign up as a mentor, please email  [email protected]  with the following information:

  • Your professional qualification

  • Your current role

  • Any relevant experience and qualifications

  • Your mentoring style: small group sessions/discussions

  • Your availability

  • Your preferred contact details

This information will then be passed on to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Education and Standard Committee. Please be assured that this information will be kept safe and secure.

If you are seeking mentorship, please email  [email protected]  letting us know your request, the area of interest that you seek mentorship for, and your current role/position. Your details will only be accessed by FCI staff to match you to a possible mentor.

We will then seek to match you with a mentor most suited to your request, and once we have found a mentor, we will put you in contact. We would then recommend that you agree with your mentor, independently of the FCI, a framework for the format and duration of the support.

How the mentoring programme works

"For the clinical informatician, sources of anxiety in their role may include leading necessary but unpopular change, managing corporate risk and dealing with conflict in teams.  Sounding out a friendly colleague when working through knotty problems or difficult decisions can be hugely reassuring... it is logical that the FCI, as the community of clinical informaticians in the UK, should have a mechanism for putting clinical informaticians in touch with colleagues who can act as mentors.

I look forward to helping to develop mentoring as a benefit to FCI members."

Dr Ian Jackson 
Lead for the FCI Mentorship Programme