What is the Faculty of Clinical Informatics?

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We currently have over 1,200 members accounting for roughly 66% of all clinical informaticians within the UK per Health Education England statistics.

Our mission is to drive high quality health, care and wellbeing for people through the advancement of clinical informatics.

This will be acheived through our 2023 - 2026 strategy. We have identified four pillars that are key to achieving this aim. These involve the advancement of clinical informatics through:

  • Building a Clinical Informatics community for the profession, giving it a home and a supportive place to collaborate and network.

  • Developing learning for everyone involved or interested in Clinical Informatics.

  • Leading the way for Clinical Informatics to be recognised and developed as an important profession which drives high quality health, care and wellbeing for people by employers, education providers and professional bodies, the public and the professionals themselves. Professionalising the Clinical Informatics sector and its practitioners as a whole by leading the way in setting universally accepted professional standards of practice in Clinical Informatics.

  • Delivering practical projects and programmes that will demonstrate a tangible difference through the use of the Clinical Informatics profession, using the unique, deep and diverse skillset of the FCI membership.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics has developed the Core Competency Framework (CCF). It details the core knowledge and skills-based competencies for Clinical Informaticians and the mechanism by which these competencies can be mapped to educational and professional initiatives. The CCF consists of six domains:

  • Health and Wellbeing in practice

  • Information Technologies and Systems

  • Working with data and analytical methods

  • Enabling Human and organisational change

  • Decision making

  • Leading informatics teams and projects


The Faculty of Clinical Informatics continue to encourage and develop the practice of clinical informatics to improve patient outcomes in health and social care. We continue to be shaped by our unique, multi-professional membership cohort who bring a wealth of combined knowledge and experience.

The Faculty was initially formed of Founding Fellows, and membership now includes Fellows, Members, International Members and Associates.

We hold recruitment rounds for new Members and Fellows twice a year. If you are interested in joining, find out more and register your interest for our next application window.

Applications for Associate members are always open. Go to 'Join' to submit an application which will usually be apprived within 3 days

Our charitable objects and registration details are listed on the Charity Commission website