30 Jan 2023

Sue Turner OBE steps down as Chair of Faculty Trustee Board

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics has today announced that Sue Turner OBE has stepped down as Chair of the Faculty’s Trustee Board.

Sue has been instrumental in ensuring the launch of a new strategy for the Faculty, both from orchestrating the search and hire of the Faculty’s first Chief Executive, Ken Mackness and commencing a strategic review alongside Ken and the Faculty’s Council.

The Faculty is a young organisation undergoing rapid growth and development requiring restructuring to continue that trajectory. Sue brought Ken on board as a key part of that restructure and that has led to a major overhaul with the new strategy and branding.

Implementation of that strategy has led to the need for profound organisational restructure and major changes to optimise efficient and effective relationships between Trustee Board, Council and Chief Executive.

To aid in managing these changes the Trustee Board requested an Independent Review Panel to look at specific aspects of the restructuring of the organisation. The Panel’s conclusions fully endorsed the Trustee Board’s proposals and in particular were welcomed by Sue as Chair, to allow the Faculty to begin delivering its three year strategic plan.

Having now successfully overseen the setup of the Faculty’s ambitious plan, that will see the Faculty grow in size and scope over the next three years, Sue steps down from her role to handover staff operations of the Faculty to Ken Mackness. Existing Trustee Bill Morgan has been appointed Interim Chair of the Trustee Board as the Faculty now increases the diversity and size of its Trustee Board. The newly formed Trustee Board is now seeking a new Chair.

Bill Morgan, Interim Chair of the Faculty’s Trustee Board said: “I would like to go on record to thank Sue for the leadership and vision she has brought the Faculty. Under her tenure as Chair of the Trustees the Faculty has pivoted to operating with a clear strategic plan and are setup for the future to be an efficient Membership Body as the home of clinical informatics.”

The entire Faculty wish Sue well in the future and thank her for her support.

For further information, please contact: Daniel Wozniak via [email protected]