02 Oct 2023
by Sam Patel

FCI publishes 'Rendering a consolidiated medicines record'

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) has today launched a new publication, 'Rendering a consolidated medications record'. The publication, commissioned by Ann Slee, and the lead author Dr Sam Patel, brings together work which is to bring together medication from more than one source and ultimately to improve patient safety, acknowledging that due to the complexity of modern health and care delivery, any care record may not contain all of an individual’s medicines information.  

Gerry Bolger, Interim Vice-Chair of FCI Council, said 'as a practitioner focusing on clinical safety, this is exactly what we should be advocating for. It is good to see the FCI leading the vanguard for this in the UK'. Dr. John Williams, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, said,' This is what the FCI is about, producing quality publications which bring together the multidisciplinary team'.

The report is available here.