Subscription Payments

If you are a new or renewing member who has not previously paid by direct debit you should arrange to pay your FCI subscription fee by clicking "Set up payment" below, which will take you through to a form to set up a direct debit. If you are a member who has previously paid by direct debit your subscription will be taken automatically and you need take no action unless you qualify for a reduced rate (see below), in which case please contact [email protected] in good time before the due date.

When completing the direct debit form, please ensure you complete the "Contact forename" and "Contact surname" on the direct debit form exactly as you are addressed on communications from the Faculty.

Your direct debit will be set up as an annual payment as the default. At your request we can set it up for monthly payments (although we charge an additional fee as a contribution to the extra processing costs). 

Reduced Rate 1 is available to members who, in the current tax year 2022/23, have income below the threshold for paying Higher Rate tax at 40%. Reduced Rate 2 is available to members who on the renewal date are retired, on maternity/paternity leave or unpaid sabbatical or otherwise have an earned annual income of less than £25,000. 

Associates who are full-time students can join the Faculty for a fee of £10.

If you are eligible for a reduced subscription, or would like to request a monthly direct debit rather than annual, please email [email protected] as soon as you have completed the direct debit form.

Once you have completed the direct debit form, the Faculty will insert the appropriate payment details for you. You will then receive a confirmation from our direct debit provider London & Zurich setting out the details of the direct debit.

If you have any queries please email these to [email protected].

The Faculty is currently moving all subscriptions onto a calendar year basis. This means members whose subscription year currently starts in February, March or May 2022 will pay a pro rata subscription up to 31 December 2022. 

Click here to view the full table of pro-rata subscription fees.

Please see the full annual and reduced rates below:

FCI Membership Rates

Reduced Rate 1

Available to members who have income below the threshold for paying Higher Rate tax at 40% (in the current tax year 2022/23).

Reduced Rate 2

Available to members who are retired, on maternity/paternity leave, unpaid sabbatical leave or have an earned annual income of less than £25,000 (on the renewal date). 


Fellow Rates

Full rate

£255 / year

Reduced rate 1

£204 / year

Reduced rate 2

£153 / year


Member Rates

Full rate

£102 / year

Reduced Rate 1

£82 / year

Reduced Rate 2

£61 / year


Associate Rates

Full Rate

£51 / year

Reduced Rate 1

£41 / year

Reduced Rate 2

£31 / year


Student Rates

Student Associate

£10 / year


Claiming Tax Relief on Subscription Fees

As the Faculty has Charitable Incorporated Organisation status, members are able to claim tax relief on membership fees. With income tax reclaimed, membership rates can be reduced by 40% or 20% depending on your tax bracket

If you undertake self-assessment tax return then you can add your Faculty membership to the list of expenses you or your accountant can include in your self-assessment return.

If you are on PAYE then it is possible to apply online (you will need a Government Gateway login).

Alternatively, you can print and post form P87.

More Info is available on the GOV.UK website:

Refund Policy

Refunds are not payable on any part of your subscription except in exceptional circumstances