Annual Scientific Conference 22

The 2022 Annual Scientific Conference was centred around Patient Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Training. Held on 16 June, the one day event consisted of six instructional courses, twelve scientific ePaper presentations, seven ePoster presentations and a further range of discussions and presentations throughout the day covering key digital health topics. 

Available to members of the Faculty at a 50% discount the Conference was organised by the Faculty's Events Organising Committee, chaired by Angus Wallace.

The below are highlights from the 2022 conference. If you would like to be part of, or attend the 2023 conference please e-mail [email protected]


Discussion Highlights

Natasha Phillips, National Chief Nursing Information Officer
'The role and importance of Digital Information for Nursing in the NHS' 

Rachel Dunscombe in conversation with Bob Wachter
'Do All Informaticians now need a ‘Driving Licence’ for Health Informatics?' 

Dr Justin Whatling & Phil Booth
'What is the role of the public in opening up NHS data to wider uses in life sciences?'


Scientific E-Poster Award Winners

Adam Khimji
'Thematic review of medication-related incidents at a major teaching hospital and the potential mitigation of these incidents with electronic prescribing and medicines administration'

Alicia Ridout
'An evaluation of OT focused digital assessment and deployment for patients establshed it is urgently required but overwhelmed by different competency frameworks'


Scientific E-Paper Award Winner

Helen Craggs
'Digital transformation of the acute medical take – improving standards of care'


Instructional Courses -  Intro clips

Dr Alan Hassey & John Williams
'Implementing the Core Competency Framework' 

Claire Buchner, James Bird, Jo Dickson
'Improving efficiency, safety and patient experience through the use of real time analytics'

Alex Wilson, Alex Vaughan, Nadia Kuftinoff, Hannah Mitchell, Melissa Andison
'Introduction to user-centred design for AHPs'

Jennifer Hall, Dr Mike Nix, Clare Verill, Tom Lane
'What does the adoption of AI mean in practice for the healthcare workforce'

Dr Neill Jones, Miriam Lemar, Dr Stephen Black, Dr Kees van Boven, Dr Diego Schrans
'Measuring demand in general practice – a view from three countries'

Lindsay Turner, Christopher Tack, Sara Nelson, Sarah Thompson, Doug Stewart, Mark Nicholas
'Building a multi professional clinical informatics team for health and social care'


Additional Scientific E-Posters

 Alicia Ridout & Professor Susan Grant-Muller
'Evaluation of a smart wristband developed to detect close proximity between individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic'

Suzy England
'The data literacy learning and development needs of occupational therapists'

John Williams
'Implementing SNOMED CT in the Oxford Royal College of General Practitioners Clinical Informatics Digital Hub (ORCHID) Some problems encountered and lessons learned'

Michelle Sykes & Samuel Smales
'Electronic recording of Patient Observations with safety functionality in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the Children’s Hospital at in Leeds'

Keith Reid
'A friendly accessible description of The “L-test” – measuring (dis)information in incomplete incident reporting'


Additional Scientific E-Papers - Intro clips

Nishita Gadi
'A national survey of the current provisions, perceptions and challenges regarding digital health education in the UK medical undergraduate curriculum'

Pei-Fen Lin
'Evaluation of a telemedicine model to deliver cataract care using imaging technology instead of traditional F2F pathways'

Farah E Shamout
'Development and evaluation of a machine learning model to predict positive urine cultures in the outpatient setting and minimize the use of antibiotics'

Caroline Gadd
'Evaluation of MaST (Management and Supervision Tool) to support NHS Community mental health teams in identifying Risk of Crisis and Complexity across caseloads'

Sarah Wilson
'Usability and acceptability of wearable technology in the early detection of dementia'

Elaine Taylor-Whilde
'Woubot and TRUST4Health; predictive personalised AI tools for front line clinicians'

Olivia Curtis
'The limitations of using commercial wearable activity trackers, such as FitBits, for the clinical monitoring of patient activity levels'

Ben Logan
'Free text notes added to a patient’s allergy status in Electronic prescribing systems digitally analysed for better usability'

Nehal Hassan
'Healthcare staff perceptions on using artificial intelligence predictive tools: A qualitative stud'

Jack Bennett and Madeleine Salter
'The Documentation of Allergy across Electronic Systems for patients presenting to Emergency Departments in Leeds'

Daniel Chan
'Reduction of Order Alerts through Filters: Impact on Pharmacists’ Override Rate and Perceptions of Alert Fatigue'